Poem 3 – The Ballad of Rugby Boy

Rugby Boy want poem,
Nerd Boy give it him
Rugby Boy get words to say
But there no pictures in!

The gentleman has requested
A work in iambic hexameter
That he might recite at poetry night
Before the television cameras.

Words on paper stupid
Words on paper long,
Foolish sodding Nerd Boy –
Put him in a thong!

The words are all melodious,
Dripping with eloquence and style
One is rather sophisticated
Another commendation for the pile.

Rugby boy get laughed at!
This is Nerd Boy’s fault!
Ostra- Ostra- Ostraci-
Kick out stupid Nerd Boy,
Nerd Boy is a dolt!

The satire was successful
And all present found it pleasing,
But excuse me, I must run away
Before I commence wheezing.

Tell us what you thought, or if to you these words are naught.

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