Poem 5 – A Dream for Mortal Men

I’ve cast old dreams into the deep blue sea,
For you’ve have shown they aren’t made for me.
Those hopes of some false Eden and my fantasies of the heavens
Were quests for soaring angels, and not for falling humans.

I’m now set on human things where I feel I’d belong,
Finding beauty in the starlight and the union of voices in song,
Thinking contentment might find me in the crowded cities of man –
I used not to believe this, but you’ve shown me that it can.

I used to dream of paradise, but there I’d be alone,
Forgetting what made me human in the quest for an ancient throne.
Now I know that’s dangerous as I find my place in life,
For from there some fights are harder, but why should I fear strife?

You’ve taught me what I am, that I was a fool back then,
For thinking I sought angels when I sought dreams for mortal men.


9 thoughts on “Poem 5 – A Dream for Mortal Men

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