Poem 10 – The Shadows Beyond

I sense beyond the shadowy shapes of the shifting and starlit world
That spectre of solitude beckoning me beyond.
Away from the vulgar and ugly mass that constitutes reality
She calls to me ‘come away, come away’.

Unlike so many others she is free from mortal pain,
Released from every lock and bar, unshackled by life’s chains
So between the silent shadows of the mundane mortal world
She whispers and calls out to me from beyond.

‘What have you in the shadows of your shifting and starlit world
That’s more than what I offer you beyond?
There’s no reason for you to stay there’ called that mysterious shade,
And yet I found a reason and I said to her ‘I’m afraid,
Afraid to leap and jump into your unknown seas
Though when you whisper to me they sound so inviting.
I want to dive beyond my world, I want to feel myself be hurled
And find myself in your black sea delighting –
But I’m afraid’ I said, and silent she became.

Still she softly whispers behind the shifting and starlit world
Drawing me slowly beyond.
What keeps me in the vulgar and crude mess of reality
When instead I could just dive into her sea?


One thought on “Poem 10 – The Shadows Beyond

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