Poem 18 – Laugh, my dear one

Laugh then, laugh at the truth,
Laugh at the way I’m so weak, find merriment in my tears.
I knew that you would do so, but I told you anyway –
You laughed and in your laughter you confirmed all of my fears.

What have I to give you now? I gave it all before,
For the chance that I might be allowed to kiss your hand.
But you denied my offerings at the altar of your heart
And in my sorrow I heard the echoes of your painful and wounding laugh.
When you laughed at me you cast me out to a separate land,
And though I see you clearly, you seem far forevermore.

But laugh, my love, laugh at my pain
Laugh at the way these soft tears fall like rain.
The moment that you did so the clouds formed in my skies
But still I will be haunted by the memory of your eyes.

I knew not those azure globes, their hypnotising hues
Constantly calling me in crazed and maddened dreams.
Never will I be haunted by memories of you –
I shout and deny you to the world! I declare that I am free,

From your laugh, dear, loud and clear,
Laughing at my heart as you find amusement in my sorrow.
I knew that you would do so, but I told you anyway
For I hope that if you know you’ll love tomorrow.


One thought on “Poem 18 – Laugh, my dear one

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