Poem 20 – Let’s Toast to Anguish

Let me drown my sorrows here
In ale and whiskey and wine
Until at last my life seems clear,
And I’ll think that everything’s fine.
Pickled in ethanol nothing will change,
I’ll forget that my true love’s heart did range.
So let’s toast to anguish with brandy and beer
And amnesia with dark rum and rye.


Dear readers,
Today’s poem is not one of my happier ones. I wouldn’t suggest doing as the speaker in this verse does – firstly, mixing this many drinks is generally a bad move, secondly, it’s likely to become very expensive, and thirdly, brandy would taste awful with beer (perhaps because I don’t like either). Also, it probably won’t solve the problem, and it’s usually a bad idea to take advice from a poetry blog anyway. But mostly because of the mixing drinks rule.
I hope that you enjoyed the poem,
The Hapless Neo-Romantic


One thought on “Poem 20 – Let’s Toast to Anguish

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