Poem 29 – Night Train, Part I

Silence reigns on the platform
As, alone in puddles of sickly yellow light,
Away from the encroaching shadows,
Four stand and wait in silence.
They hold their silence, not due to fright,
But simply to blend with the quiet shadows of the night.

Boarding the train, each through a separate door,
Into the bright white of the empty train,
They sit alone, unspeaking
As the train hurtles through the dark.
Though dark outside, inside the light can reign,
Banishing shadows, the deep night’s greatest bane.

Now the train’s in a city, rocking side to side,
Lights outside flashing by.
Moments of yellow, white then red,
And overhead a blinking plane takes the sky.
On the train only the roaring of the wind outside is heard,
None dare to break the solitude,
And then a platform – the train stops again –
Still for a moment, then the journey is resumed.


Dear readers,
I apologise for the late posting. The subject of the poem gives some hint as to why the poem is so late, but I should be more punctual in the near future.
I hope that you are all well,
The Hapless Neo-Romantic


4 thoughts on “Poem 29 – Night Train, Part I

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