Poem 32 – Night Train, Part IV

Two people sit on the night train,
One the grey-coated man,
Black jumper under his coat,
And a laptop in his hand.
The last but for the writer, will grey-coat speak if he can?
Both of us remain silent – speak and we’ll be damned.

Grey-coat types swiftly,
Then puts his laptop down.
The train pulls in at the station,
And grey-coat leaves the light.
As he passes, there’s a moment’s frown,
But nothing more, and he vanishes into the town.


Dear readers,
I hope that you have enjoyed ‘Night Train’ so far. If you haven’t, be pleased that this is the penultimate instalment. If you have, thanks. If you haven’t read any of the other parts, they’re here, here, and here. In any case, comment on what you thought, and how you think it could be improved (Or, if you didn’t like it, how you think it could be redeemed).
Kind regards,
The Hapless Neo-Romantic


One thought on “Poem 32 – Night Train, Part IV

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