Poem 33 – Night Train – Part V

No-one’s in the carriage,
The black shadows reach long fingers to snatch me from inside,
A lone poet in a speeding iron cage,
Alone in a white temple in the night.
Transcribing fleeing memories before the doors open wide,
And I step into the nights dark jaws, with power undenied.

Join me on the night train,
Speeding through the dark –
Sit beside me reader as it flies.
Join me beyond the shadows in silence,
Where no birds sing, or dread dogs bark,
Until the night train stops, and as strangers we will part.

Join me on the night train,
Speeding through the dark.
Sit and be alone a while with me,
Before we strangers part.


Dear readers,
Here it is – the last part of ‘Night Train’. The saga is over – those of you bored out of your minds by the poem, rejoice!  This was originally going to be the ending of the first poem, before I decided to divide the original into two and add three sections in the middle. Should have done that? I’m not sure, although I enjoyed the results – what do you think? Comment below – I’d be pleased to hear your opinions.
Have a good weekend,
The Hapless Neo-Romantic


Tell us what you thought, or if to you these words are naught.

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