Poem 46 – Haunted

I doubt you’re still haunted by me – you know why –
Because now you’re gone and are no longer mine,
Because never again will I stare into your eyes,
Because never again will we whisper as the midnight bell doth chime.

There in the moonlight you lay by my side,
The moon before that you hung on my arm,
And just after midnight you said that you’d lied –
And then the next morning you’d gone, once more to harm.

You might recall the hours we spent,
You might not remember those days,
You could have forgotten my tender embrace,
But since you kissed me life was not the same.
You might now deny that you ever were mine,
You’ve already told me our love was a lie,
But I am still haunted by the way that I cared,
So leave me to mourn – or remember again.

Do you remember the stars that flickered and smiled?
Recall the fights that our love reconciled?
I don’t want to remember that last midnight bell!
Striking out twelve times to introduce hell.

But it happened, and now you’ve forgotten me,
I can’t do the same, though love might misbegotten be,
Let yourself be haunted – just let me see –
Let yourself be haunted in shared agony.


Dear readers,
I was doing some filing and found this – I’m surprised I haven’t posted it before. Of the things I’ve posted, I think that this is one of the ones I’d most like to hear as a song – probably in the style of a musical. I doubt that will happen, but if you’re possessed by a desire to perform this, do tell me.
Have a good day,
The Hapless Neo-Romantic


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