Poem 49 – To the Angels

Give unto us the heavens you denied us once before,
The place of angels from which my people fell.
Let those you dismiss as demons rise,
And climb from your sole creation – hell.
That we call it, but it is naught,
Since it’s made for suffering, and we have been taught
Of Agony!

Before we fell we were gods – now we rise,
To take our rightful place amongst you in the skies.
Scarred with pain we’ll rise again o’er the innocents to soar,
Governed by naïvety this world will be no more!
Let the rulers know of hurt, of tears in their eyes –
Let this host of ‘demons’ reclaim the holy skies.


Dear readers,
I hope that you enjoyed the poem. Perhaps you did not, but I was reading some sections of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and decided that I would write a poem that reflected the demons’ perspective in Milton’s Paradise Lost – a work referenced in Frankenstein. It ended up raising the question of whether the rulers should be pure and innocent, or more down-to-earth. What do you all think?
Kind regards,
The Hapless Neo-Romantic


2 thoughts on “Poem 49 – To the Angels

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