Poem 60 – The Nature of Angels

The chronicles of evil men seem the greater part of history,
And the other part is boastful heroes proclaiming self-righteous fury.
But both sides seem as savages, neither side having truly good men,
And one asks “Where are the angels? Where are they now, where were they then?”

Why is it that when I hear of things it’s always death and woe,
And how come of all the people in the world I seem to know
So few seem to be generous, so few seem to be kind,
Barely any are good, or of enlightened mind?
Where is my ages’ Socrates? Where have the good people gone?
Have all the kind ones passed away, should I black armband don?

Once I pondered thus as I questioned the very same,
But then I realised what remains throughout Time’s majestic reign –
That when you look at all that has passed, all that will be, is and has been,
You find ’tis the nature of angels to do good but be rarely seen.


Dear readers,
As ever, I hope you are well. Today’s poem is closer to some of my earlier ones for this blog, such as A Dream for Mortal Men and The Unfriendly Universe. I’d be fascinated to hear if those who read it agree with the sentiment of it. Certainly I would personally consider modesty to be a very admirable attribute in a person. But perhaps you disagree.
You may also notice that we now have a new, cleaner site design – what do you think of it? Too clinical? Was the old one nicer and more suitable? Since you (Yes, you) are the main person for whom this blog is written, your opinion is valuable (As are, of course, your likes and shares). So tell me, insult me and abuse me about the new design.
I look forward to hearing from you,
The Hapless Neo-Romantic


One thought on “Poem 60 – The Nature of Angels

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