Poem 61 – Give Me Back the Magic

You know when you loved me you said you adored my words,
That they made your heart soar like so many birds,
But since you left me the verses have died;
They’ve fallen from me like the tears that I’ve cried.

I don’t care for a moment that you say you don’t care,
I can’t believe that it’s true I so long for you there,
But though I can dream you the phantom’s not the same –
I cannot write more poems, unless you’ll be mine again.

So give me back the magic that once you took from me,
The way you stole your warm fingers and tore your lips away.
Let me write one poem to you so that when the evening’s through
I am not alone, for the verse is worthy of you.

I doubt that you will save me dear,
I don’t believe you’ll give me this.
So instead I’ll stay to hope and dream,
And remember our parting kiss.


Dear readers,
Firstly, let me apologise for the delay in posting this. Alas, I was busy all day, and eventually realised that I would not be able to update the blog in time due to other commitments. I considered updating the holding post so it 
looked like I’d been organised – but that’s cheating. Secondly, I hope that you like this poem. I elected to upload this rather than my review of the year, as in the Weekly Writing Challenge – however, if you’ve done the challenge, I’d like to see what my readers write. In fact, if you’ve written anything like something I’ve written, then feel free to link to it in a comment.
Kind regards,
The Hapless Neo Romantic


2 thoughts on “Poem 61 – Give Me Back the Magic

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