Poem 67 – Dactylic Dreams

Now we all sleep, breeding dreams. Let us dream about hope somehow shining
Bright as the stars. Strangers read our work and dream their own deep thoughts
While slumber steals over them. Can you wake reader and rising say your
Sleep-filled mind’s creation? Is it still in your mind, have you now fought
Light’s bright and snatching hand, that steals your thoughts, bringing them home
As their own. Parting with fleeting dreams we can make the day our own,
And write our odes in day. So join dactyls with me and glowing
‘neath sunlight let us write a Homeric dream in a poem.


Dear readers,
I said I’d write a poem in dactylic hexameter for you back in Metrical Experimentation, and I have. It was surprisingly hard, and I’m sure that it’s anywhere near the best poem of the genre (Although, that includes the Iliad, on which my thoughts are already known). For those of you who like theory, here’s the scanning:


I find that doing this sort of thing (Where – is a long syllable and u is a short one) can sometimes help me when writing poems, particularly ones where the structure, as here, it based on a set of rules about the metrical feet of the poem. Do any of you have any tips for writing poetry based on rhythm?
The Hapless Neo-Romantic


Tell us what you thought, or if to you these words are naught.

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