Poem 68 – New Year’s Dance

Now we wait, preparing for our dance
To take the floor in the glamorous dance.
Let us rise and waltz ’round the room once more
As they did in the decades and centuries before.

Let two people clasp eachother and smile,
Ignoring the world beyond for a while
And fly ’round the floor in a dress white as snow
And suits black as coal – around again they go.

Applaud all their skill as they embrace once again,
Thinking in youth time fights love in vain
And who cares for such things when the lights still shine clearly –
Praise those who embrace much more dearly

Than me, for still I am haunted –
Hunted my mem’ries of dancing with thee.


Dear readers,
Today’s poem started out as being pretty darned happy (Yes, I said darned. Deal with it). Then there was the hobbling final two lines, that I really liked, so I left them in. I hope you agree that they work. The Viennese, naturally, have the most famous New Years’ dances, with balls at their various palaces and suchlike, but since they created the Waltz King (Johann Strauss II), that’s hardly surprising. I’d recommend that link – well worth it. For another set of music about waltzing and music, with very nice words indeed, I’d recommend Hello Young Lovers from Rogers and Hammenstein’s The King and I. Frank Sinatra also did a version, although I prefer the version from the film, marginally.
I hope that if you did not enjoy the poem, you did enjoy the music.
The Hapless Neo-Romantic


One thought on “Poem 68 – New Year’s Dance

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