Poem 69 – Your Lust

Why did you?
How did it hurt so?
You did what you do, so how did I not know?

Now I’m alone, you’ve stolen part of me –
Only half of what I was remains
To weep on thee, and feel the stabbing pain.

Because I thought you were perfect I gave it all and gladly,
Even though I knew I did so so madly.

Vile, now I think on it
Under your skin – the lust of it!
Lewd and crude, a parody of romance,
Growing stronger within you, then dying
And you wen away, leaving me crying,
Regarding what happened on my last night.


Dear readers,
This is not a festive poem. This is just a random poem I decided to upload as part of my constant 24th-1st poetry marathon. I apologise if it put a crimp in anybody’s day.
Kind regards,
The Hapless Neo-Romantic.


2 thoughts on “Poem 69 – Your Lust

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