Poem 70 – New Year’s Candle

Now the candle flickers
Even as the sunlight rises
When faced with its guttering fate.

Yea, it shall burn and will burn quicker
Ever bending its wax into a variety of guises
As it sinks down at an ever-quicker rate,
Rolling tears of wax down its virgin white sides.
’tis weeping for its untimely death, any salvation denied,
So that there is a warmer light.

Eager to please the flame burns bright,
Verily a beacon in the December night,
Engorging the wick to show its proud shine.

Is it wrong that the candle fights itself to please me,
Soft wax bending before the tyrant fire I see?

Hardly – instead let us see it as a delicate whole,
Enlightening us as to the way that all things
Rely on balance as creation takes its toll –
Even the peaceful bell destroys silence when it rings.


Dear readers,
Here is the penultimate poem of the seasonal poems – and the last poem of this first year. I hope that you have enjoyed the journey, and are looking forward to your next year.
Have a good year, and may it surpass the one before,
The Hapless Neo-Romantic


2 thoughts on “Poem 70 – New Year’s Candle

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