Poem 72 – Three Oaths

Ah, three oaths to make before the earth is done –
Well I suppose that the first is that I must have more fun.
Be reckless and do all thing things I was afraid to do –
Maybe even say to them ‘Yes, my love, it’s you’.

Second of my promises will be to write the perfect verse,
That in other times I’d remembered for eternity.
I suppose that for a subject I could do far worse
Than the best way to tell them they’re perfect for me.

Finally a resolution to finish all things –
The novel, the opera, the songs I want to sing,
The acquaintances to forget, the old friends to forgive
And the tender kiss of the one I love; that above all would make me live.

These are my resolutions made in fear of apocalypse –
Though even if it doesn’t come to pass I must still tell those perfect lips.


Dear readers,
Here is a poem in response to this week’s DPchallenge. Despite my comments in the previous poem, I am already writing love poetry. What can I say? I’m a hapless neo-romantic. I trust that you enjoyed this. I’ve seen a lot of posts in response to the challenge – I’d love to read the ones that you thought were the best, so leave a comment with a link below. In other news, I have just returned from Munich – there will doubtless be some poems about it shortly.
Enjoy the apocalypse!
The Hapless Neo-Romantic


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