Poem 92 – Love takes Hold of all Men

Love takes hold of all men,
And it captivates their senses, old and young,
Remorselessly bringing life again to the weary hearts of ancient princes,
And turning mad the youth when first the fire’s begun.

I’m proud to say that I now love also,
And she in turn says she feels the same.
I breathe so much more freely now,
I wander with a smile,
And subjugate myself unto love’s reign.

Oh love takes hold of all men,
Bringing fire to them when they’re young,
Awakening them when tired and grey.
I love, my friend, and again I face the morning,
Dreaming of her kiss at the end of the day.


Dear readers,

We continue with our voyage through Onegin with Prince Gremin. Onegin, having travelled for many years to try and escape his guilt, returns and finds that Prince Gremin is now married to Tatyana, who once professed her love for Onegin. Gremin tells Onegin that love can come to all men, and how Tatyana has changed his life. The aria can be found here. I hope that you enjoy it.

The Hapless Neo-Romantic


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