Poem 102 – Hyacintos, Part 2

So what then Muses, of these gods and the lovely boy?
Zephyr descended and sang, by this ploy,
He entered the mind of Hyacintos
And the goatherd was condemned, the goatherd was lost.
For Zephyr’s breezes sang the most beautiful refrain,
And the goatherd’s world would never be at peace again.

“My love, let me run my supple fingers through your hair,
Dance through the sunlight and the air,
Embrace you, praise you, worship you,
Without a care!

“My darling feel the wind that is blowing from the sea,
And relish that we are both truly free,
Laugh or sing, all fear erasing,
Or kiss me, oh my love!

“Can you feel in the breeze a new world’s being born,
All sorrow has been forsworn?
Nothing but gladness, verging on madness,
No more sadness – just us!

“My love let us be I and thy, he and me,
Laughing under the blue skies above!
Say you’ll love me always, your name I’ll praise,
My love!

“Oh my love, I’m yours.”

And Hyacintos turned, that ill-fated boy,
And uttered the words that cursed him to die;
“As am I, handsome Zephyr, as am I.”


Tell us what you thought, or if to you these words are naught.

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