Poem 103 – Hyacintos, Part 3

Others say it differently,
That Zephyr was afraid,
Not daring to go near his devotion,
For fear he’d be unmade.
So sing, Muses, of the truth,
Let us see that distant hill.

Blow, Zephyr, fierce and proud,
Your warm western winds a pleasure to your love,
Circle around him and whisper ‘Hyacintos’,
But you fear, oh wind-god, and whisper without sound.

Speak louder, Zephyr, and tell him you care,
Proclaim your love to the goatherd.
Whisper his name, ‘Hyacintos’,
As he circles to hear this voice from the air.

Then appear behind him, ever so bold,
‘I am Zephyr, you I long to behold,
It is you who draws the winds here, Hyacintos,’
And the sun disappears, and the skies grow cold.

‘Walk with me goatherd, though you know me not,
Let me tell you I loved you from afar,
Say what you mean to me, dear Hyacintos,
You’ve stolen my heart, that is my lot’.

Thus spoke Hyacintos, ‘I’ll wander with you wind-god,
If the westerly breezes are plentiful still,
They’ve accompanied me while watching the waters,
The gambolling goats, and sheep on the hill.’

So they walked together, mortal and god,
And Hyacintos’ heart did grow.
He turned to Zephyr, smiling so tenderly,
Opened his mouth-
Said Zephyr ‘I know’.

And the wind rose triumphant, carrying songs
From Egypt, and scents from the East.
The wonders of the world were brought to Hyacintos,
The pleasures of men were the boy’s feast,
And Zephyr sang his song of love:

“My love, let me run my supple fingers through your hair,
Dance through the sunlight and the air,
Embrace you, praise you, worship you,
Without a care!

“My darling feel the wind that is blowing from the sea,
And relish that we are both truly free,
Laugh or sing, all fear erasing,
Or kiss me, oh my love!

“Can you feel in the breeze a new world’s being born,
All sorrow has been forsworn?
Nothing but gladness, verging on madness,
No more sadness – just us!

“My love let us be I and thy, he and me,
Laughing under the blue skies above!
Say you’ll love me always, your name I’ll praise,
My love!

“Oh my love, I’m yours.”

And Hyacintos turned, that ill-fated boy,
And uttered the words that cursed him to die;
“As am I, handsome Zephyr, as am I.”


Dear readers,

Firstly, let me apologise for the delay. I have been very busy with a production I am in. Secondly, let me explain the repeat of ‘Part 2’. It was meant to go after the new material, but I had forgotten that this nice scene existed in my files. So here it is, a bit late. I hope that you enjoy it.

Kind regards,

The Hapless Neo-Romantic


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