Poem 104 – Hyacintos, Part 4

So what then, Muses, of the beauteous boy,
Loved of the wind and the sun?
Tell me, oh songstresses,
How the war over him was begun.
Zephyr’s love for Hyacintos was returned,
But up in the heavens Apollo still burned,
And one night he descended to speak to his love,
But at his cottage met Zephyr.
Apollo was bold, the stronger of the pair,
And Zephyr was filled with fear.
Said he:

“Apollo? What a pleasant surprise,
What brings you here?”

Apollo replied, “Those pleasant eyes,
That boy so sweet and dear.

“You speak of Hyacintos?”

“Of course, and I grieve your loss –
I understand you took his fancy before I came along”.

“And after, Apollo, for how can you compete with me?”

“With ease, oh Lord of the pleasant breeze.”

“How can you compare with I,
Lord of the swarming air,
How could you even dare to defy
The heart of Hyacintos the fair?”

“With ease, for I am lord of all beautiful men,
And master of the lofty brow.
Sweet music and the sun are my dominion –
He will fall to Cupid’s arrow.”

“But I am the wind, the raging storm,
The cooling breeze everywhere!
I am chaos itself, the master of the maelstroms!”

“Zephyr, you are nothing but boastful empty air”.

The two gods then faced eachother,
And waited for the other to speak.
But then both turned, for in their anger,
They had raised their love from his sleep.


Dear readers,

Here is the second poem today. The plot has now taken a dramatic turn – the next few poems should be good. I’m looking forward to them, though I dislike Apollo. What do you make of him?

Kind regards,

The Hapless Neo-Romantic


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