Poem 109 – Hyacintos, Part 9

Though the winds are still around Hyacintos,
In the caves and caverns by the sea still they roar.
‘Twixt arches and stacks they rip up the waves,
And the mutter and rage like never before.

“He stole him!
His cunning, his lies,
In those shining eyes,
He knew I could see –
He stole him from me!
Stole those words from my heart,
The tongue from my mouth,
Until stupefied I stood as he sang his old song,
The ditty ‘neath the sun that took what was mine,
And I stood there! I watched his brilliant shine,
Eclipsed the warm embrace of the arms that I embraced.
Never again will I press lips against that face,
Link fingers with my adored, my own,
For I am now alone,
Watching their romance,
The wond’rous boy with a thief!
Oh, he shall come to grief,
No peace shall be his.
Mercy? Ha! I cannot forgive,
For he snatched from my fingers the perfect eternity
That had been promised unto me,
The moment Aphrodite gave my love to me.
He snatched him away,
But the sun-god shall fall,
Fall as did Phaeton, from your blazing solar ball,
Fall as I did as I stood in thrall,
Gazing like cattle has my happiness walked away,
Stolen by the thief of my perfect days.”


Dear readers,

I trust that you are comfortable with unclear subjects, since the main part of this poem does not use a single name. Reading the rest of the epic should get you on the right track though. I feel like we’d left Zephyr too long (Not yet a week, but I’m rather fond of this god. It’s a shame what I’m going to do to him). I hope you’re looking forward to it as much as I am.

Kind regards,

The Hapless Neo-Romantic


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