Poem 116 – The Time I Wasted

We fought like tigers when we were young,
Kicking and clawing on the floor.
As we grew older the elder grew stronger,
And triumphed more and more.
Then the youngest grew older,
And at the same time they grew taller,
With that the combat all but ceased,
For they would no longer fight with me.

Then we fought like squalling birds,
Shouting and shrieking in the forest,
The victory to the loudest –
Persistence won the contest.
Rage divided us, as did secrets and fear,
And split us still for year on year.

Now we’re parted and we’re free,
And I fancy I’ve learnt something new –
Though I cannot stand you, nor you me,
I give thanks for time wasted on you.


Dear readers,

It is rare for me to link to other blogs – indeed, I find I rarely have the time to read them, alas. However, this poem was written after a post on a blog, discussing how one’s relationships with one’s siblings change. While this poem is slightly tongue-in-cheek, I nonetheless hope you enjoy it. For those of you interested in the blog, the link is here: http://mozartinlondon.tumblr.com/post/46076420022/the-time-i-have-wasted

Kind regards,

The Hapless Neo-Romantic


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