Poem 137 – How Could I Forget You?

How could I forget you
When you walked across the miles,
And wandered through those tender weeks with me?
Such a strange thing to do,
Though it has been a while –
There is no way to do so that I can see.
A ship might sail in silence,
Without scarring the port it leaves,
Whether that boat comes from near or far;
But losing something as intense
As those bitter memories
Would merely be the second breaking of my heart.


Dear readers,

Today’s poem is another romantic one, which I hope you enjoy. It is influenced to some degree by this song, Lily’s Eyes. Though the music it comes from – The Secret Garden – generally is lacking, in my opinion, this particular song is one that I’m quite fond of. What do you think of the song and poem?

Kind regards,

The Hapless Neo-Romantic

One thought on “Poem 137 – How Could I Forget You?

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