Poem 142 – A Love Letter to London

Words cannot express the wonder of your streets,
Songs cannot shine a light on your splendrous spires,
These fettered words thud hollow and thin
If compared to thee, whose wonder inspires;
Your yawning arches and languid river,
The gleaming glass towers and cherry bowers,
The roads that wind in a tangled web,
The thousand churches that strike the hours;
And then your people from across the earth,
A brilliant Babel reborn in all tongues,
All customs represented, all peoples stand as one,
And they spark, they combine, beneath the fickle sun;
Beneath your rising monuments to an ancient past,
From Londinium to capitalism, mud bricks to shining steel,
Trafalgar stands with trendy teens taking photos on the phone,
The countless statues watch a city in with they lived, they loved, and did feel,
The joy of walking on these paved walks,
Beneath these towers and trees.
I must say farewell, but swear this still –
London, I’ll return to thee.


Dear readers,

Alas, I have finished my term, and return home for the summer. Last night I walked around London as the sun slowly set above me, and the sky was orange, pink, and blue. It was lovely, and I am sad to leave such a wonderful city. I look forward to my return, and spending more time in such a lovely place. Those of you in London will, I hope appreciate it, and to those in any wonderful place across the world, please write a love letter to it, and then link it so I can read it too.

With love,

The Hapless Neo-Romantic


Tell us what you thought, or if to you these words are naught.

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