Poem 147 – Special

I remembered you today;
Nothing remarkable in itself,
But the way you have your special way
Of smiling, your special mode
Of thinking – those are special, I’d say.

I thought it was a shame;
Again, nothing different,
But the way you made my heart go lame
On seeing your graceful walk, your unique style
Of dancing – remarkable, I’d claim.

I wished that things would change;
Still, nothing unusual,
Unlike your voice, slightly strange,
Yet charming, your lovely lilted
phrasing – over these my mind doth range.

I smiled to see you glad,
As always and as ever.
Though the beast inside is mad,
It pleases me to see you love him,
Just once, I forgot to be sad.


Dear readers,

Today I experiment with a new scantion and rhyme scheme. I am quite pleased with the effect – what about you?

Kind regards,

The Hapless Neo-Romantic


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