Poem 159 – I’ve Got No Intention

I hear the clinking of the bottles,
And the dancers going home,
As I sit above the street in my seat above,
In the apartment I call home
While the street’s still filled with moonbeams
I reflect that I’m alone,
But since you’re s inquiring,
You might as well know;

I’ve got no intention
Of following convention
And falling into, l’amor l’amor
Though ev’ry conversation
Reeks of condescension
When they ask if I want ‘more’.
I’ve got nothing that I want to share,
And no intention of pretending to care.

There would be no more moonbeams
In this place above the bar
Just tailing some old maiden
As they stay right where they are.
So listen to me carefully,
Listen without alarm,
I’m a bachelor,
Things are perfect as they are.

So I’ve got no intention
No aspiration, inclination,
To change things from how they are.
It’s only a frustration
This conventional inhibition,
I defied intuition, and this came to fruition,
What an inspiration
To stay alone!


Dear readers,

Today’s poem is very obviously influenced by musicals, particularly Cole Porter’s. Of his songs,  ‘Day and Night’ was the most immediate influence. I’d recommend listening to it, and as ever I hope you enjoy it.

Kind regards,

The Hapless Neo-Romantic

Tell us what you thought, or if to you these words are naught.

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