Poem 172 – I Chose to Rebel

I ‘sdained subjection

Milton, Paradise Lost, Book IV, 50

I chose to rebel, to mark my chosen course
As that of freedom, no more to bow
Unto the mighty God who,
No better in his reason, declared his mightiness
To deserve constant homage – I ‘sdained subjection,
And rose with my ranks, half the host of heaven,
And sought to declare us free,
Rather than endlessly bound to praise He
Who, on seeing dissent and counter-proposition,
Sent forth his angels, not to discuss, but crush
Our discourse; and thus he freed us
From the debt despised, but what cost?
That disdaining debt-bound eternity we fell to be demons.


Dear readers,

Satan continues his reflections on his deeds, and recalls the reason for his revolt – that God sought to rule Satan, but Satan despised obedience to him. The tale is somewhat more complex, and is told both in Milton’s work, and in some of my upcoming poems, if you would care to stay around.

Kind regards,

The Hapless Neo-Romantic


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