Poem 173 – My Inferior Angel

Oh had his powerful destiny ordained
Me some inferior angel

Milton, Paradise Lost, Book IV, 58-59

I know what I desire,
It is not perfect,
Nor good in each regard.
I would not see such kindness
Amid the ranks of heaven;
For I seek some inferior angel.

I wish for one who knows how to laugh,
To make light of my sorrow and pain,
Far from evil and inhuman perfection
Of angels that sing through their days.

This is what I long for,
Though it is rare,
And hard to see on earth.
But I reject perfection
And will love when at last I find
My wonderful inferior angel.


Dear readers,

This is most definitely far from Milton’s thoughts when he provided the world with the above quotation. Instead it is Satan wishing that he had never had the power to aspire to become God. However, I like the idea behind the poem nonetheless, and I hope that you do too.

Kind regards,

The Hapless Neo-Romantic


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