Poem 194 – Full Orbed the Moon

Full-orbed the moon

Milton, Paradise Lost, Book V, 42

Full-orbed rode the moon above the midnight earth,
A gleaming light set against the darkness, a silvery bastion,
Firm against the night, mighty seas upon her face silent as the earth.
Shining and gleaming within the star-lit sphere,
Surrounding earth upon its golden chain, the moon glowed above
The silent earth below, lighting sleeping lovers by the sea.
Nothing touched the brilliant sphere, purer than the snow;
The majestic moon descended as the sun rose from below.


Dear readers,

I backtrack a little to the start of Book V, to where Eve recounts a terrible dream she’s had to Adam. He’s fairly relaxed about it all – but the dream darkly forebodes what is to come. I just liked the way the quote felt in the mouth. My poem was heavily influenced by Walter de la Mare’s ‘Silver’, and the vocal version by C. Armstrong Gibbs. Alas, I cannot find a good recording of the song, but if you do have one, please let me know.

Kind regards,

The Hapless Neo-Romantic

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