Poem 196 – The Flag I Fly

As colours dipped in heaven

Milton, Paradise Lost, Book V, 283

I fly the flag above me, my peaceful flag on high,
I’ll stand beneath its seven shades, there I’ll live or die
Like colours dipped in heaven, seven shining stripes
The colours stand for freedom, no more moral black and white.
So many ways of being that I never knew before
And inbetween the halfway shades, much more than grey, adding more and more,
So join me now beneath the flag for a world with colours seven,
And raise a cry as equals, for those colours dipped in heaven!


Dear readers,

For once, I don’t care about the fact that the original quote is about an angel’s middle pair of wings (this one has three pairs, apparently). I’d love to hear this set to some stirring music, to be honest – it’s a proud flag, and I really enjoyed writing this poem, using one of Milton’s lovely phrases. I apologise for making reference to an old version of the flag that had seven colours in it, rather than the more common modern six. This is done entirely for reasons of scanning and rhyme, not a political reason. I apologise if this vexes anybody.

Kind regards,

The Hapless Neo-Romantic

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