Poem 197 – All Heaven Resounded

All heaven
Resounded, and had earth been then, all earth
Had to her centre shook.

Milton, Paradise Lost, Book VI, 217-219

All heaven resounded, the canyons and forests of the world
Rang with the sound of that moment; In that moment
Trees could walk and stones could sing, mountains dance,
Ending their ageless slumbering to rejoice in my delighting.
My body thrilled to feel these echoes, relentless,
Returning to the place from whence they came, a single word
From a single pair of perfect lips, and then
All creation from the deepest caves to the
High-arched vault of heaven. All this
Reverberating with her single word; and that word was


Tell us what you thought, or if to you these words are naught.

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