Poem 198 – The Warrior and the Poet

Deeds of eternal fame
Were done…

Milton, Paradise Lost, Book VI, 240-241

What unites the warrior with the poet?
One wields a pen, the other a sword,
With which the poet may be compelled
To exalt the warrior’s blade.
Likewise the poet’s swift-nibbed pen
Might mock and harry the warrior’s pride
And dictate his award of glory
When all their comrades have died.
And here is what unites them,
When otherwise they are not the same;
With epic verse and epic courage,
They perform deeds of eternal fame.


Dear readers,

The quote from today’s poem describes the War in Heaven, as the angels clash with the demons, and perform deeds of great valour. The idea of deeds of eternal fame stuck with me – there are things that are remembered for longer periods of time than others – military and cultural glories, but not economic or social ones. So I wrote this.

Kind regards,

The Hapless Neo-Romantic


Tell us what you thought, or if to you these words are naught.

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