Poem 211 – Find me a Maiden

That would be wooed, and not unsought be won

Milton, Paradise Lost, Book VIII, 503

Find me a maiden, flaxen and fair,
That would, when pursued, would be wooed.
Tell me the bower where others find love,
Nestled in the bosom of another.
Speak to me softly of the am’rous dove
If that must be done for love requited.
All I ask is kindness, another lovely mind
With whom for but a moment I’ll be united.


Dear readers,

Since I am now back on track, there will only be three poems this week. I hope that you enjoy them anyway. I found the description of Eve as somebody who ‘would be wooed’ rather than her personality jarring – not against the rest of the text, but my own sensibilities.

Kind regards,

The Hapless Neo-Romantic


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