Poem 224 – Other Joy To Me Is Lost

What hither hath brought us here, hate, not love, nor hope
Of Paradise for hell, hope hereto taste
Of pleasure, but all pleasure to destroy
Save what is in destroying, other joy
To me is lost

Milton, Paradise Lost, Book IX, 475-479

Why am I here, you ask?
Is it not clear,
That nothing you have to give me
Could ever bring me joy?
I do not hope to gain what you have,
But rather to prevent you from having it –
For me, that is joy enough.

To burn what was young
When by rights it would once have been mine!
To smash your pretty illusions
And scatter them as dust upon the flames!
It will never be that I possess what you now hold,
So instead they crash,
Beneath me they fall,
Are crushed beneath my boots,
And with it, your bliss.

This is wanton violence, perhaps,
But it is sufficient joy for now,
So amuse me for a while –
I am here to destroy.


Dear readers,

I have so many, but this must be one of my favourite Satan quotes – the point at which Satan, once again, realises what has changed in him. Now he sees that he cannot be happy, even when in Eden itself. And so he must destroy it.

Kind regards,

The Hapless Neo-Romantic


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