Poem 227 – Knowledge of Good and Evil

What might lead
To happier life, knowledge of good and evil

Milton, Paradise Lost, Book IX, 696-7

 You said you didn’t think that you were doing wrong,
I think that I made my opinions plain.
You said that you were driven out your mind,
Well now all that you did drives me insane.
I’ve got to try and understand why you did those things
And yet you make it hard to forgive,
Why is it the case that I must turn away
When I’m tired of you saying ‘live and let live!’

You have all the
Knowledge of good and evil that you need,
The capacity to perceive immorality.
Don’t you know that I’m in pain
Living with the taste of your treachery?

And when I saw you laughing I knew it was the end,
And when you saw me crying, you said I was your friend.
I turned and cackled in your face just like you laughed with him,
You better realise I’ve got some business to attend.
‘cos I know where you’re hiding, where you hide your lies
And all the places that you went to conceal your shameful eyes.
I’ve seen their face before, and I’ll see it once again
Because you’ll hear me saying ‘time for us to die!

Because I also have the
Knowledge of good and evil
I can see what I must do
I know what’s between right and wrong;
I’m in the right; on the other side’s you.

Let’s share the
Knowledge of good and evil
That we’ve found together
And when they take us sinners away
We will both burn forever.


Dear readers,

One of the longer things I’ve written for a while, but rather enjoyable to write. While I wrote it, I had ‘Don’t do Sadness‘ stuck in my head – I rather like Spring Awakening, and Mauritz is one of my favourite characters in it. I’d like to hear this poem set – though I doubt that will ever happen. If you do it, send me a copy!

Kind regards,

The Hapless Neo-Romantic


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