Poem 246 – Household Storm

I lay upon the sofa as I tried to get to sleep,
But all around the kitchen there was noise.
The dishwasher was gurgling, the floorboards creaked and eased;
How was I to sleep amid such noise?
And then within my head the noises seemed to change,
The dishwasher became a storm outside,
Cascading down the parapets of the house,
Drenching ev’ry pane, the wind harrowing us producing the morbid moans.
And then the water pouring down hid the tears upon my cheeks
As I accidentally thought of you with him,
Not loving me as I have always wished that you should,
But even so, my weeping was hid by water
As I drifted off to sleep in the storm within my head.


Dear reader,

Another poem based on the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. The apartment my troupe shared had too few beds, so I was on a sofa – which was, as this poem makes clear, right next to a dishwasher. I got better at sleeping next to it after a while, but that first night, this is what happened.

Kind regards,

The Hapless Neo-Romantic


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