Poem 247 – I Know

I know why you’re so wonderful,
How your skin glowed beneath the moonlight
I know why you’re incredible
What it was to touch your face in the night.
I know what it was to feel your tender touch,
To feel in my arms that I loved your so much.
I understand these things my dear, all things that I now know,
But I don’t know my love what made you go.

Was it the way I wept when I last kissed you,
How I said goodbye and crumpled to the floor?
The silent screams and curses I hurled behind you
The moment you closed my bedroom door?
The salty sea ran down my face above the silent storm
When I last embraced your parting form.

I know how warm you were beside me,
How inviting your red lips and raven hair.
I know your gentle language you used to love me
Or at least, to cast the pretence that you cared.
I forget how long its been now,
But at least I remember how
I came to fall in love with you
Though I don’t know why we’re through.


Dear readers,

How long has it been since some straight-up love poetry? Too long, anyway. I hope you enjoy this.

Kind regards,

The Hapless Neo-Romantic


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