Poem 251 – The Consummate Professional

“I ask he leaves my squad,” said the colonel,
Speaking about one of his men.
“He has an excellent record, has earnt many medals,
And I’m sure he’ll do so again.”

The colonel snapped to attention, saluting,
Firm hand clapped against his brow
He turned away from the officer
Knowing what he should do now.

But standing there behind him
Was the aforementioned man of war
And the colonel looked straight at the man’s face;
He did not speak, for his eyes could say more.

‘I can see in your eyes you don’t know why
This is what I ask of you;
But feeling for you as you know I feel
It is the decent thing to do’.

With that the colonel turned away
And marched to the barracks far away,
Where he met his wife and child, barely a babe,
All to hide the fact he was-


Dear readers,

This poem is, I admit, increasingly outdated for my own country, though there are still statistics that suggest that perhaps there are more people who feel unable to come out due to social pressures. However, I like the story of this one, even if it’s a very vague vignette.

Kind regards,

The Hapless Neo-Romantic


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