Poem 256 – Did You Imagine I Was Immortal?

Did you imagine I was immortal?

Louis XIV of France, on his deathbed

Did you imagine I were immortal,
That I held a place in the starry sky
Shining eternally, never to die,
BEcause of how you hold me in your heart?
Though within your world I may be the sun,
Your only other, the perfect one,
And rise in the morning, never to set,
Still I lie here, still I die here.
Adoration alone will never cure me,
Though if it could, you alone would save my life.
But instead I am coughing, each breath another death,
And must say goodbye, as always we knew I must,
For no love is eternal, even iron will rust,
Like I love is mortal, like I love has passed.


Dear readers,

Louis XIV, also known as ‘The Sun King’, was one of the greatest kings that France ever knew. If you’ve seen pictures of the Palace of Versailles, then it’s quite possible he was the focus of the ball. He oversaw an incredible rise of France as a military power, and seemed quite irreplaceable. As, indeed, he was. Within a century of his death, the French monarchy had ended.

The Hapless Neo-Romantic


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