Poem 263 – I Spoke at the Last of my Desires

The utmost we dare expect is tolerance… Love for love we cannot get… We are therefore too often goaded into insane acts by the mere discord between our desires and their dearly beloved objects… by the impossible cul-de-sac into which nature has driven our sexual instincts and the rebellion of the aspiring spirit

John Addington Symonds

 I spoke at the last of my desires,
That some say are unnatural and despised,
And I replied I ask only toleration,
For the unnatural emotions in my heart.
I did not ask for compassion, or for you to understand,
Nor did I ask for kindness, to be allowed
To kiss those who I love just once,
To let them know I care;
Love for love I know I cannot get.


Dear readers,

Symonds left his Memoirs to be published after his death, with awareness of his family. The memoirs were then placed in a vault and not published for over 50 years. Another work he was involved with, Havelock Ellis’ Sexual Inversion, one of his friends tried to buy the entire first English edition of.

Fun times.

The Hapless Neo-Romantic


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