Poem 264 – I Crushed All that I Was

The utmost we dare expect is tolerance… Love for love we cannot get… We are therefore too often goaded into insane acts by the mere discord between our desires and their dearly beloved objects… by the impossible cul-de-sac into which nature has driven our sexual instincts and the rebellion of the aspiring spirit

John Addington Symonds

I crushed all that I was for you,
Masters of my happiness,
Those who have determined my heart is wrong.

I destroyed desire, buried my blazing heart,
Because you said that I could not be what I am.

You created a divide between my beloved and myself,
A gulf that I will never dare to cross.
So instead the fight’s inside me, between your whips and chains
And the soaring rebellion of my rising spirit.


Dear readers,

I am now done with poems based on this quote. But I love the quote anyway, though it is very sad.

Kind regards,

The Hapless Neo-Romantic


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