Poem 266 – Great Art Tells a Story

Readers… must acknowledge that it possesses the dignity of tragic suffering

John Addington Symonds

Great art, they say, tells a story.
Stories, they say, are in two kinds;
Comedy, the funny kind,
And tragedy, the other.
Well, clearly this tale will not make you laugh.
But the narrative’s a love-tale
About a sundered heart
And its tragic hero brings his own demise
Choosing wrongly between society and his soul –
For either choice would damn him in the end.
This story has no happy ending,
No moral for you to heed,
Except perhaps, in your memory,
Remember that this tale of obeying society
Was not so much a comedy as a tragedy.


Dear readers,

This is the last of my poems based on Symonds’ tragedy. If you ever have the chance to read his Memoirs, take it. You will not regret it, if you share my thoughts of the world. And if you do not, but want to understand what it is to be afraid of telling the truth, and terrified every time you fall in love, then read it. I can think of no better work to do so.

Kind regards,

The Hapless Neo-Romantic

Tell us what you thought, or if to you these words are naught.

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