Poem 263 – Joking

If he knew me, he’d see pretty clearly that joking is merely my means of defence

Of course I make you laugh; would you rather you wept,
And I show no pain, no weakness, for men are wolves
And would tear me apart – if I had it; I don’t,
I’m not weak, I’m laughing! Guffawing! That’s a good word –
I heard a good one the other day about a guffaw-er
Who suddenly vanished, without a note or a word.


Dear readers,

Two YouTube clips relate to today’s video. The first is ‘If he knew me. It’s one of my favourite songs in recent musical theatre – it’s very funny at times, and at others very touching. The second, relating to the idea of a comedian who only does it to conceal their pain, is a monologue from the graphic novel The Killer Joke‘. It’s the only graphic novel I’ve ever read, but it is very good.


Tell us what you thought, or if to you these words are naught.

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