Poem 264 – Rousseau

He has only felt during the course of his life, and in this respect his sensibility rises to a pitch beyond what I have seen any example of; but it still gives him a more acute feeling of pain than pleasure

He only feels, barely thinks, then rejects thought for feeling,
All he does is live in exquisite emotion,
And revel in what it is to be, to live, to thrive
Beyond animals, beyond angels, beyond man;
Beyond demons; what is more, all of his feelings,
Are tantamount to unpleasant pain.


Dear readers,

The title quote is from the noted philosopher Hume, with reference to his sometime friend and colleague Rousseau. As with almost all of Rousseau’s acquaintances, Rousseau eventually broke ties with Hume.

Kind regards,

The Hapless Neo-Romantic


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