Poem 266 – The Right Side of Sanity

You know that you’re the only thing keeping me
On the right side of sanity
But every night I’m over that line, and over my head,
Screaming in the dark that I might as well be dead.

You see,
I need you more than ever before,
More than I need the sun and the moon,
And if you’ll help me leave this hell,
I’ll be the things that you need too.

You’ve come and left me all alone
In the black chaos of despair
And now I’m falling past the erupting fire
Of all the things I thought would never burn.

And now my world’s on fire,
All that I know’s burning to the ground,
It’s too late to get me out of this hell,
But if you run away now you won’t be found!
So run away,
Even though I need you now.


Dear readers,

Today’s poem is rather similar to the Nevermore poems I wrote a while back in general sentiment, although it is a little more optimistic. Like several other poems of mine, it has a tune in my head – one that, this time, sounds rather like a modern musical number, lots of electric guitars and suchlike.

Kind regards,

The Hapless Neo-Romantic


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