Poem 267 – It Suits Me

It suits me, to sing and sway;
It suits me – whichever way
I see some way to throw me into ecstasy.

It suits me, to sing and dance;
It suits me, to fall in a trance
Every time I see some decadency that pleases me!
That’s my reply – it suits me,
To not ask why
What’s before my eyes
Might satisfy my needs!
‘Cos ev’ry day it’s only luck
That stops my dying
‘neath a passing truck
So why not say ‘f*ck it,
let’s f*ck the blues away!’
That’s why it suits me –
To dip in each flower
A dozen times, a hundred in an hour –
That’s freedom it’s the pow’r to feel ecstasy!
(It suits me) In decadency!
(It suits me) Don’t you see?
(It suits me) How decadency—-
Suits me!
Dear readers,
Today’s poem is an extract from a libretto I spent a little time working on recently. The song is from an extremely liberated young man, as you can see from the poem. He has a lot of fun in the course of the opera – unlike any of the other characters. I admit, the libretto was something I did for my own pleasure, but if anybody wants to compose an opera, feel free to get in touch!
Kind regards,
The Hapless Neo-Romantic

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