Poem 311 – Footnotes

You told me that you loved¹ me,
Told me with every kiss and night,²
And now you say³ you’re going away4
Something there isn’t right.5
I cannot believe that a time like that6
Was meant to vanish7 and go
Only if you8 say it9 to me,10
Only then will my bleeding heart11 know.12

1 Love?
I never said that.
Lust, of course, is a different affair
That’s all you were, just like I said.
Fun is fun, and fair’s fair.

2 Ever night amounts to,
(If I can still count), two.

3 In fact I write –
Get the right verb!

4 I’m not going away, I’m going home
I won’t say where, so stop this moan!

5 Not right? Dear stranger, it’s perfectly fine
But you’re trying my patience, toeing the line.

6 Like what? Please be more exact.

7 It was.
Why won’t you shut up

8 So you don’t know my name?
Charming, I’m sure, you bloody pain.

9 See six.

10 If I knew where you lived,
I’d chop you in three.

11 What? You stabbed yourself? Oh –
Poetry, again, no hope, I

12 Very well, here I come.
Just let me find my grandfather’s gun.


Dear readers,

An idea that has been floating around my mind for a very long time is writing an entire novel with two tales, one in the footnotes. I think it works moderately well here, but needs more work – and practice! Any thoughts/suggestions?

Kind regards,

The Hapless Neo-Romantic


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