Poem 312 – Pont de Avignon

There is a bridge,
Truncated, abandoned,
Extending into oblivion.

It is said
It is a marvel of the world
And of spectacular beauty.

I see the bridge.
It is not finished.
A dead duck is in the water.

I saw the Pont de Avignon.
I was told it was beautiful
But I felt nothing.


Dear readers,

This is simply based on a visit to Avignon – the Papal Palace was impressive, but the bridge was not. It reflects something I often think should be less shameful – the ability to disagree with conventional opinion. Perhaps the Mona Lisa is one of the greatest paintings in the world – but somebody who looks at it and prefers Banksy should not be instantly condemned. Perhaps they simply respond more to something of their own time.

Kind regards,

The Hapless Neo-Romantic


2 thoughts on “Poem 312 – Pont de Avignon

  1. Mais- on y danse! 😉

    I have been on the bridge. I did not ‘feel’ anything, but listening to the history on my headphones, imagining the cobbles, seeing in my mind the bishop falling off the bridge, viewing the palais from the bridge (I never did get in to tour the palais. I must go back), and imagining it all 700 years ago… well, that was something else.

    I wrote a scene for a novel based on the experience of walking on that bridge and imagining the past. I wrote another one thanks to the pungent order of the Avignon bus station. 😉

    At least you can say you were there!

    • Quite – I was lucky enough to be travelling with a young opera singer who could serenade me!

      Ah, I didn’t take the tour, regrettably – if I return, I must do that. (And I can heartily recommend the palais).

      Yes, it’s interesting how sometimes you go to a place to see something, and then something completely different sticks in your mind! (I can’t say I got to smell the bus station, but if if was worse than the stairs to the public gardens you have my sympathy 😉 )

      I can, and I will – and may I say how nice it is to hear from you after your frequent and much-appreciated ‘liking’!

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