Poem 315 – To Love like You

I wish I could love like you, I do,
With your fire and passion and joy,
But instead I love like a river,
Slowly and quietly,
Slinking through calcium halls
Hidden from other eyes
Waiting to emerge from the ground
And become dazzling in the sunrise.


Dear readers,

So many fictional lovers tend towards the ‘fiery’ style of love – passionate and hot. But I do enjoy reading things about more gradual, measured people. And so I wrote something.

Kind regards,

The Hapless Neo-Romantic


2 thoughts on “Poem 315 – To Love like You

  1. I feel like love is a gradual thing overall (especially after the first few years). For me the idea of building a relationship, a romance bit by bit over the years seems so beautiful. I enjoyed your poem.

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